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Dr. Nishaun Battle’s coaching and consulting services is dedicated to high achieving women, with a particular emphasis on centering women in academia.  

My coaching and consultation approach is customizable, in consideration of each individual’s unique work/life dynamic and interests. My goal is to help women in leadership roles design a lifestyle that encourages fulfillment in their lives. My consultation services also include helping individuals conceptualize their passions and skillset into starting their own transformative business helping others, upgrade their existing small business with wellness implementation, and research-based program development, assessment, and evaluation.

My coaching approach is authentic and holistic and I strongly believe that an individual’s purpose and freedom will be revealed and experienced, only when they are honest with themselves and ready to invest in themselves to do the work. This is why self-reflective modalities such as mirror work, thought work, creative writing, and more, are centered, so that each individual will be empowered to shape the work/life balance lifestyle they want to achieve. 

Regardless if you are looking for a slight upgrade for your business, or an area of your life, the unique part of this journey, is wellness is embedded in each plan of action! 

Together we will co-create an impactful, empowering, and visionary plan that will help you flourish and elevate in your life and business.

Areas of Expertise

Self-Care and Wellness

Confidence Building/Thriving on Tenure Track

Personal Branding

Establishing Vision and Niche

Creative Direction & Storytelling

Team & Culture Development

Network & Like-minded group building

Youth Based Non-Profit Consultations

Services Offered

Small Group Coaching

Executive level 1 on 1 Coaching

Group Wellness & Writing Retreats & Workshops

Program Development and Evaluation

Wellness Consultations

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Inventory of your immediate work, home, and community environment, in order to create space conducive to the lifestyle you desire.



Daily intentional movement of the body with customized fitness activities to promote wholeness of the body.



Building and/or maintaining relationship with God. Stepping into your true identity and purpose. Wholeness of the spirit.



Wholeness of mind, and healing of individual, collective, and historical traumas leading to the need for mental health renewal. Promotion of ongoing positive thought work and peace of mind.



Wellness that considers specific wellness needs due to work environment; Strategic planning of your unique path to wealth building; Wellness implementation while building and/or maintaining your business.

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Enjoying a social life promoting fulfillment through both solo and group bonding with like-minded individuals, where authentic support and care is genuinely present.

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“On paper my life looked amazing but secretly I longed for more fulfillment and happiness. All of my time was going towards earning tenure. Once I did, I didn’t feel this big wow moment like I thought I would. I needed a plan that could help me identify ways to simply put, make more money. I wanted to live the lavish life and working with Dr. Battle helped me to create that mini world of my own.”

~Brittany J.
Trichologist Specialist/Hair Stylist

“Dr. Battle has helped me take my business to the next level by teaching me about the importance of herbal teas and how they can be used in my field of hair loss. With her natural gift for teaching, charisma, and expertise, she made everything easy to understand and digest. This amazing woman is full of knowledge, vision, and creativity and loves to help others elevate and progress. I’m very thankful for her.”

~ Kachelle R.

“Dr. Battle knows her stuff. I trust her judgement as she is truly knowledgeable. I needed help with building a wellness routine and she helped me cultivate one that works!”

~ Portia W.
Dr. Nishaun T. Battle
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