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I am Dr. Nishaun T. Battle, consultant and coach, professor, author, mentor, and podcast host. It is my passion and purpose to help women in academia, understand the magnitude of how they can use their advanced degrees, creative ideas, and unique skill set to design the life/work balance lifestyle they want and deserve.

It is my strong belief that it is no accident that you and I have crossed paths. Perhaps it was a social media post that resonated with you, something I said on a podcast episode, or my written work, but whatever the reason may be, my goal is to educate and empower you, to increase your comfortability and understanding of the relationship between wealth and wellness in your life. If you are finally ready to have your expertise, knowledge, and advanced graduate degree work for you, so that you can shape and elevate your lifestyle to the next level, you are in the right place!

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“No one is going to come and create the life you want for yourself. You must do that for yourself.”
~ Dr. Nishaun T. Battle

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Coaching and Consulting for a Healthy Lifestyle

Work With Me

Dr. Nishaun Battle’s coaching and consulting services is dedicated to high achieving women, with a particular emphasis on centering women in academia.

Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Branding
  • Self-Care and Wellness
  • Confidence Building
  • Establishing Vision and Niche
  • Creative Direction & Storytelling
  • Thriving on Tenure Track
  • Team & Culture Development
  • Network & Like-minded Group Building
  • Youth Based Non-Profit Consultations
Dr. Nishaun T. Battle

Services Offered

– Small Group Coaching

– Executive level 1 on 1 coaching

– Group Wellness & Writing Retreats & Workshops

– Program Development and Evaluation

– Wellness Consultations

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Inventory of your immediate work, home, and community environment, in order to create space conducive to the lifestyle you desire.



Daily intentional movement of the body with customized fitness activities to promote wholeness of the body.



Building and/or maintaining relationship with God. Stepping into your true identity and purpose. Wholeness of the spirit.



Wholeness of mind, and healing of individual, collective, and historical traumas leading to the need for mental health renewal. Promotion of ongoing positive thought work and peace of mind.



Wellness that considers specific wellness needs due to work environment; Strategic planning of your unique path to wealth building; Wellness implementation while building and/or maintaining your business.

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Enjoying a social life promoting fulfillment through both solo and group bonding with like-minded individuals, where authentic support and care is genuinely present.

The Wholeistic Collective
WHOLEistic Lifestyle Wellness Coach and Consultant

Wholestic Wellness

I am clear on my position that life should not be lived in a box. Inner peace and happiness is vital to our being, and self-imposed limitations only maintains unwarranted stagnation.

Teaching Perspectives Students


Areas of Specialization include: Intersectionality, Black Girlhood Studies, Qualitative and Black Feminist Research, Critical Pedagogy, Criminology, Intellectual and Community Activism, Arts-based research, and Focus Groups.

Black Girlhood


Dr. Battle’s research explores how Black girls’ resilience, resistance, and creative genius impacts their identity, wellness, and understanding of social justice. She is the author of Black Girlhood, Punishment, and Resistance: Reimagining Justice for Black Girls in Virginia.

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Dr. Nishaun T. Battle
Dr. Nishaun T. Battle
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Culturally relevant, arts based holistic wellness for your Life and Business.