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I love being a WHOLEistic Wellness Practitioner and Consultant, based on clarity of my purpose in helping other realize what their unique self-care and wellness journey looks like.  I believe that inner peace and happiness is vital to our being, and self-imposed limitations removes the opportunity for living as much of a fulfilled life as possible.  My lived experiences overlap with my research interests, and as such, I have and continue to advance wellness in academic spaces, through offering resources, workshops, and coaching consultations. Currently, I am a part of a collaborative team, exploring Black women’s connection and legacy to tea. More information can be found at I am the owner of Lady Rose Specialty Teas, a holistic wellness lifestyle brand centering the unique wellness needs of women through the use of herbal tea products. Having a customizable experience of wellness is at the core of the consultation experience designed for each person, taking into consideration their unique work/life responsibilities. Self-care and wellness will look different for each person. The goal is to help each person design the life they truly want to life. My favorite forms of self- care, is embracing a holistic lifestyle including activities such as writing, fashion, spiritual wellness, traveling, and reading. I know that it is difficult to write when your mind is racing with so many thoughts. One of my favorite wellness activities, include hosting wellness and writing retreats, for women in academia, who want to identify ways to create a wellness environment needed, to not only write literally, i.e. articles, books, etc; but to begin writing the life they want to live, through living out their purpose. Additional self-care and wellness support, includes 1 on 1 consultation and coaching, group wellness, and online guided programs, grounded in creative arts and self-reflective work, with the aim of promoting a lifestyle that encourages inner peace, fulfillment, and a holistic work/life journey that you want is my ultimate goal!

Dr. Nishaun T. Battle
Dr. Nishaun T. Battle
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